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Editorial Board statement on Chauvin conviction

Last week, a jury affirmed what the world saw: Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd.

As we continue to reflect on the murder of George Floyd, we recognize this verdict is not justice—it is accountability; no guilty verdict can ever give a daughter her father back.

True justice is an end to police brutality; true justice takes a community. Much like the bystanders who filmed Floyd’s murder, the protestors who kept his name alive, or the jurors who held Chauvin accountable, we all have a role to play.The Criminal Law Practitioner is no exception.

We have appointed two equity and inclusion officers to ensure diversity of thought and experience within our publication. Further, we will immediately retire the phrase, “criminal justice system,” because our current system lacks substantive justice. Lastly, we commit to addressing racial justice and police reform in our scholarly writings.

We understand this is only a small step, but we will continue to reassess how we can help our country see empathy and justice.


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